August 30, 2004


I've been too busy riding the roller coaster of life to take much time to blog.
...Just hanging on and enjoying the ride.
Up and down, and all around.
Trying to see the beauty in each moment.
Including those
which at another time in my life
would have seemed sad.

A lot has happened in the last eight days.
Pete got back to work. I did the mundane chores.
We celebrated birthdays and our 41 years.
I had fun. I got mad. Got over it.
Remembered to be thankful.

Met new people.
reconnected with others
Spent time with loved ones.
Watched one beautiful family
gently and competently care one of their own who is ill.

This mom felt proud of her sons
Had fun with the granddaughters.
Got to see my daughter-in-law.
Ate some cake made especially for us.
And just felt grateful to just be alive.

It really is a beautiful world!



Look Here:
There are people working to guarantee all of our civil rights.
My son is one of them.

People are speaking out.
Ordinary, everyday people are using their voices.
Listen to them.

Next week, meetings resume in our living room.
Volunteer training for people who will work to get out the vote.
I am exercising my right as an American to use my voice.
-Even though there are those who can say it better.

It is time to make a change. It is time to turn a corner.
Both in our government and in our hearts.
We can do it.

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