June 19, 2004


Even this Mom read every article in two newspapers about the Laker shake-up this morning. The only way I usually even know there is a game is when I notice the Laker Flags on the cars of fans. I take note on this only because phone calls to Matt during the games not OK. I can call but he won't be available.

Years ago, my simply watching his team play, tended to jinx the outcome. I have this uncanny ability to predict the winner after the evaluating the uniforms and the earnest look on the faces of the players. I will make a comment like; 'Look at those nice boys. They are saying 'hello' to their Mom. And, they have the prettiest uniform. They are going to win." Nine times out of ten that assured the win for the team I admired.

After that, Matt warned me not to even go near a TV if an important game was on.

Superstition? Maybe.

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