May 31, 2004


"Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man."
~Rabindranath Tagore

The weekend flew by.
We kept forgetting to bring the camera.
All the little perfect moments will be are unrecorded, except by the heart.

Most of Sunday, was spent at the close-by Mulligan Family Fun Center, starting out with a rousing game of Miniature Golf.
Zoe couldn't seem to get enough of the go carts.
Mira was pretty good at piloting a paddle-boat.

We tried to keep them steer them toward the more active outside activities before going into the arcade and enduring the ear splitting noise.

After buying individual tickets for each activity, we learned that we could have bought a $10:00 wrist band for each girl which would entitle them to do almost everything they wanted. Pete went in to ask. Apparently we should have been told. So, for $20:00 they gave us the two bands and returned the extra money we has spent. Very cool. Never hurts to ask!

Eventually Pete's cell rang.
Mike and Michele had arrived at our house.
We returned custody of the girls to their parents.

There is nothing like being with children to uplift one's spirits.
Their freshness is contagious. Their simple wisdom, inspiring.
A child is 'joy' personified.
It is wonderful being a grandparent.
Almost as wonderful as being a MOM!

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