May 9, 2004


Today I got a call from Matt. Even though he is so far away, it doesn't usually seem that we are apart. It always uplifts me to hear his voice.

Today, we had a long conversation, interupted from time to time, by something happening on either end. Matt told me to go to the computer and look at the message he sent me. I did. Look here to see what he sent.

Way Cool! This is just what I asked for. The day so far has been wonderful. More later.

The rest of the day. Live and Learn.

This afternoon we drove to South Pasadena. Micheal had made reservations at a favorite restaurant. Before we left for dinner, I learned that Mira can read! She actually read all the words written on a card that we gave Michele. I was surprised. At that point, Michele suggested that Mira take me into her bedroom and read to Nana. Mira read me the Dr. Seuss' book "Hop On Pop". Very cool!

Zoe told me that she is studying about the "times". She is learning about time and the times tables. They are up to the elevens. She is about to pass me, as I am forgetting some of the few math facts I had mastered.

I noticed that Zoe looked very tall. We only saw them last weekend, so I was a bit surprised. Then I noticed that her shoes sported heals. Michele said that Zoe was wearing her fancy 'wedding shoes'. Taking this into account, Zoe still looked like she had grown some in the last week.

Later, Mike was talking about a show that he and Michele watched when they could. I think it takes place in the last century. Michele told me that the only problem with the program is that every other sentence contained a certain vile profanity, which I thought has only been around for a relatively short time.

Since language is always changing, I thought that this particular combination of words was a fairly new invention. On the way home, Pete and I were talking about it.

He insisted that the same profanity was used when he was in school. I never heard this kind of talk then. Pete said I lived a different reality as him. In truth, there was language that most women never heard. Now everyone is subjected to it. I don't know if this contributes to equality.

People often tell me that "Change is good."
I say although Change is Inevitable, sometimes it is bad.
At least from our human perspective.

Sorry, but I can't repeat the words here. But, I am sure you have heard them.

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