April 3, 2004

All I needed was Chocolate and other ramblings

OK. I'm catching up on reading other people's blogs.

Following Mike's links, I look at his friend, Joe's new blog, I was interested in what he had to say about his co-workers.

This led me to check out something that was said on my new favorite TV show, Wonderfalls. I link to the website and follow comments, only to learn that FOX has cancelled this wonderful and unique new show. I am yelling "NO! NO!" Pete checks to see what's wrong. I tell him.

Since I have always been one to talk to inanimate objects, I was thrilled to see something like this on TV. I LOVE WONDERFALLS! I am bummed! So now I have another reason to be mad at this network. I want the DVD of the season, but hate the thought that FOX might earn some more money when I buy it.

Heidi, in Blood and Rain, tells us that there is a word for the amazing smell that follows a rain. It is petrichor (PET-ri-kuhr), meaning "the pleasant smell that accompanies the first rain after a dry spell".

She also tells us about her first experience with giving blood. The first time I gave blood I had an experience like the fainting woman. The nurses weren't very sympathetic in the Sixties.

At that time, I had no fear and wasn't concerned about having blood taken. I wasn't afraid, and it never occurred to me that I would get light headed. Pete and I were already married, and he gave blood routinely.

I volunteered to give blood at work and sat comfortably while it was being drawn. After eating the cookie and drinking the milk I was given, I got up to go back to the job. The world spun around in ways it's not supposed to. Everything started to fade. An awful afternoon.

After that, I never wanted to give blood again. But, with Pete's enthusiastic urging, I tried again 20 years later. I went in with some hesitation, but wanted to face my fear for a good cause.

Everything was fine while the blood was being drawn. Relieved, I got up to go. The world started spinning. Embarrassed again! A couple of weeks later, i got a call from the Red Cross. The person on the phone told me that my blood was unusable and not to give blood again. They wouldn't give me any information about the problem, but did tell me to go see my doctor. I did. He couldn't find anything amiss.

I never found out what was wrong with my blood ... or why I got so dizzy. I've never attempted to donate blood again. There is a part of me that feels some relief that they don't want it, but there is another part of me that feels like a failure because I can't.

Pete is a regular giver. Over the years, the Red Cross has called him numerous times. He is O Positive, and his blood contains a certain factor that is good for premature babies. (By now he has given around 8 gallons.) This makes me proud, vicariously.

One more of my favorite products has been discontinued. Darn.

On a happy note...

I received a call tonight from someone who did not know that about my recent injury. I was able to laugh about it. And, i was able to go to See's to get some Easter goodies and to the market. Pete drove. We had a good dinner.

Pete is getting better and stonger and it looks like he will be able to go to Sri Lanka and Ghana after all.

A relative called with good news and an uplifted manner. That made me happy.

It is great to feel happy again. I hope this lasts. I've been down for a while. Maybe, it's the Chocolate. That's it! I haven't had any Chocolate for a long time. Or, maybe it's the Sugar. I was Sugar and Chocolate deprived.

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