March 20, 2004


For some time now, half of the floor space of our garage has been taken up with things that Pete removed from the shed. Pete brought them in on the day he knocked it down and attacked a vine that fought back.

Since Pete will not be able to do anything much about this for a while, I decided to try to clear it myself. I started a couple of weeks ago. Little by little I am making progress.

As I go through the these things, I am surprised by some of what is being found. At some point, Pupsy and Papa Lion found their way into the shed o boxes. Apparently, they have resided in there for the last several years. Hiding out and acquiring a strong moldy smell from the rotting floor. How and when they got there is a mystery.

In order to remove the awful odor from these old friends, I decided to wash them. They were gently placed into my trusty old washer. After adding detergent and additives to remove the smell, I selected the delicate cycle and turned on the machine.

This done, I turned my attention three old chairs. Part of a set of six which once graced our old dining room table. One by one, as the cane broke down, they were put into the shed for later repair.

I took the chairs to the front patio ... to hose them off and determine what could be done to make them usable once again. Once done, I noticed that a lot of water had puddled up in the patio.

It wasn't really very warm and since Mike and the girls would soon be arriving, I decided to sweep the water into the street. I wanted to prevent little feet and little girls from getting soaked, and maybe keep even more grime from entering my already dirty house.

As soon as this task was completed, I noticed that leaves in the gutter were preventing the water from flowing quickly into the drains. So, I took some time to sweep up the leaves. Good.

At that point, I started to smell smoke. Looking around, I couldn't figure out where it was coming from and put it from my mind. I continued this task until completed, making sure the leaves were put into the Green Recycling Trash can which is provided by the city.

Finally finished, I wiped off the broom and dustpan and took them back into the garage. It was then that I realized what was causing the smell. Our garage was filled with SMOKE and the washer was CLUNKING!

I stopped the machine, unplugged it from the wall and worriedly looked to see if there was a fire. No one else was here. This was the day Pete tried driving for the first time after his doctor had given the OK, with a warning not to use his left arm.

There seemed to be no damage other than to the machine. I knew it was probably a goner, but I held out a vain hope that it could be saved. Shortly after this, Mike arrived with the girls. I greeted him with a request to look at the washer. He barely got a hug before he had to get to work.

The girls ran inside. Mike called out strict warnings not to make a mess as he headed into the garage. We removed Pupsy and Papa Lion from the tub. Mike looked at the machine. I went inside to check on the girls who were happily chattering away up in their room.

When I came back down, Pete had come home. With heads close together, the two men were leaning over the machine consulting over the appliance. My washer was declared dead. After a quick online search, we piled into Mike's car and headed off to the store. Once there, Mike showed us the washer that he and Michele had recently bought. About an hour later, we left the store considerably poorer but with assurances that my new appliances would arrive in two days.

The girls and I didn't get to play much that day. Mike didn't get a nap. Pupsy and Papa Lion remained sopping wet in a bucket. They remained there long after the new front loading washer and dryer arrived and was installed.

However, the two animals are now clean. ...With many missing parts and pretty thread bare. Pupsy is held together with a big safety pin. I don't think any form of mending can save them. Even for someone with Michele's skills. I don't think she would even want to attempt it, even though she did seem touched when she saw that I was washing them the last time she was here.

But today, before I decided what to do next, I took several photos of them for posterity. I wasn't sure what would happen next, but I thought I'd at least put the pictures in a photo album for remembrance.

When Mike and the girls arrived today, they were sitting on the kitchen counter. The girls grabbed them and took them upstairs to their room. Later, when they left for home, Pupsy and Papa Lion went with them. I don't know how long Michele will tolerate them in the house, but it is kind of nice to think they are being loved by a new generation.
At least for a while.

By the way, Pete's car is still being parked in the street, but I am making headway.

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