March 18, 2004

I Love Wonderfalls!

Wonderfalls is Wonderful!
Has anyone else seen it?

I watch way too much TV but this is great
This show is crazy, quirky, unique and just plain fun.
All the characters are interesting.
I hope enough other people watch it so that itíll stay around.

I guess some might think itís objectionable.
But if you like Tom Robbins novels, you might like it too.

Last week I caught a promo for this show
and told my Tivo to record it last Friday night on Fox.
Yesterday, I told someone about it.
She is the only other person I know who watches Alias.
And, it is fun to talk with someone about something you both like.
She was intrigued.

When I discovered that the premier episode
was being aired again tonight,
I called to let her know.
She said she would watch it.

I hope she does, so there is someone with whom I can discuss this unusual series.

Pete and I planned to watch it together tonight,
but he was tired and kept falling asleep.
I think if he had been awake he might have enjoyed it,
as it was he who introduced me to the Robbins Books
many years ago.
Somehow this kind of reminds me of his writing.

Has anyone read Skinny Legs and All?

...Loved the can of soup and the dirty sock.
Do you know what I'm talking about?

Got to find his books and reread them.
They make me think and they make me laugh.
And laughter is good.

By the way, I saved Wonderfalls on Tivo, and if I can ever figure out how to save it to VCR, I will.

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