February 29, 2004



It's a rather gloomy day inside. I think we are both getting a bit of cabin fever. Sunday always seems like a day we ought to be 'out' or having others Ďiní. There is a lot to do, but the energy and the will are lacking.

So, here I sit reading other people's blogs. I admire those people who are willing expose even a little of themselves in such a way. To give the world a glimpse of who they are. Of course, many see this kind of introspection simply as self absorbed nonsense, but I see it differently. Most of us are not willing to let it all hang out. To those who do, I say BRAVO!

Many people who blog try to be careful about what they reveal. Even with those, one can often see the subtle shifts in mood as the words play out. Some just go away for a while leaving the world to wonder whatís going on.

But there is something new and fresh about this kind of communication on the web. Itís not that people havenít been journaling for years, it is just that now we can see how many people are simply reaching out. Itís kind of beautiful.

With all the bad things about the media these days, this is something good. I donít know if one would precisely call the internet the media, but it is another form or instant communication. Maybe through this form, we may get to know each other a little better.

Here's the news for those of you who look here to see what is happening with Pete:

Yesterday, Pete slipped and fell. To steady himself, he reached out with his injured arm. He was not wearing the sling. I know that when one is not able to move normally, the sense of balance is compromised. So, I really donít blame him. Naturally, I was concerned. The incident was sobering.

After icing it down, Pete didnít think he did any damage. He seems Ok today. We even took a little walk. A little while ago I overheard Pete telling a friend that I gave him hell about the incident. I didnít. But, I guess it did somewhat color my mood. I was a little worried.

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