February 19, 2004


Well, the word is in.
Pete has a torn rotator cuff.
Surgery for the repair is scheduled for Saturday.
Send healing thoughts!

While I pretty much expected the above, I was not prepared to come home to find that not only were the shed parts hauled away, but our beautiful eugenia hedge was cut down to the trunks.

Pete had hired a someone to do the hauling and TRIM the hedge. The Mad Gardener was suppose to arrive after 3:00PM today. We were here about 2:30, but when we arrived, we discovered that this hedge killer, who was told expressly not to come before 3:00, had arrived before noon!

Why is it that it's the missing bushes that are what is making me want to cry?

This is that last time that Pete ever gets to hire anyone to do any trimming, EVER! I'm putting my foot down!

I know I am mean. But I am spitting mad!

Posted by Judi at February 19, 2004 2:47 PM | TrackBack

i always thought the gardeners in l.a. were mad. i was always so sad to see them come around my neighborhood because i knew they would overtrim anything they could get their pruners on. sorry your bush is gone. hopefully a nice spring will give it new life.

Posted by: mrs diggs at February 19, 2004 8:01 PM
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