February 18, 2004

Gray and Rainy Redo

...As a child I loved to go outside in the rain. Spashed in the puddles and looked for worms which had tunneled out for some air. Sometimes I would take off my shoes and just squish the mud though my toes. I've never understood why some people think that is icky. It's hard to describe the feel of it unless you are a fellow squisher.

...When the boys were little I used to bake cookies on days like this. When they arrived home, we would proceed to have a little party, merrily munching the treats with big swigs of milk. I still remember the comforting aroma. I wonder if they do.

But today, it just feels grey. I feel stuck here inside. It's not so easy for me to walk in the rain these days. No cookies are getting baked either. I'm not much in the mood.

So, a while ago, I searched google to find a picture or saying to lighten my gloom. This was not very cheery! This didn't help but it is an interesting photo. Then I came across this site.

Things picked up when I saw this: A Gray Day Dress . Liked this one. William Schneider painted this. I guess on a gray day.

I guess Id better get back to the window and look for the beauty! Or better yet, look within.

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