February 6, 2004

One Woman's Rant

This was meant to be posted yesterday morning, but I got caught up in the cleaning. I have decided to publish my rant anyway. So here goes:

Thursday, January 5, 2004

The first thing that caught my eye this morning was an article printed on page 1 of the LA times. The lead was: "Scalia was Cheney Hunt Trip Guest; Ethics Concern Grows."

The story goes on to tell that "Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia traveled as an official guest of Vice President Dick Cheney on a small government jet that served as Air Force Two. The pair went duck hunting at a secluded, private hunting camp owned by an oil industry businessman."

"Two military Black Hawk helicopters were brought in and hovered nearby as Cheney and Scalia were whisked away in a heavily guarded motorcade to a secluded, private hunting camp owned by an oil industry businessman."

Let me get this straight.

1. A Supreme Court Justice accompanies the Vice President of the United States on a government jet for a private hunting trip.

2. They will stay on the secluded property owned by an oil industry executive.

3. This Supreme Court Justice will be hearing a case involving the said Vice President.

Right there, one might think this might not be such a good idea.
A conflict of interest perhaps?
It may appear as though a member of the Supreme Court
was in the pocket of the Executive Branch of the government.
That's not good.

And if we didn't know by now,
it looks like the executive and judicial branch
of the government of the United States
are in the pocket of the oil industry.

Is anyone paying attention?
Pete told me he had been following this story for a while.

Why isn't this news the top news lead on every media outlet?
Where is the indignation? Where are the scandal chasers?
Is this story getting such gentle treatment so far because it hasn't been connected with sex?

Does anyone remember the incessant coverage of any rumor of scandal during the Clinton Administration? Where are the cries of impropriety from those watch guards of our moral and ethical behavior?

Is that only reserved for people the Right Wing doesn't like? You know, those who might get in the way of more profit for the very rich? Doesn't anyone notice the distraction?

Rather than focusing on the things which truly can bring down the country, the media focuses on titillating peccadilloes to keep attention away from the true scandals. They feed into the lowest common denominator
of our dance in the unreal.

Wrapping themselves in the flag, they call themselves patriots.
Anyone who questions their actions or motives are labeled traitors.

The people who control the media
focus on the kinds of mistakes you
or your neighbor might make.
Poor decisions.
Investments gone wrong.
A woman speaking as though she knew something.

The hatred that was generated toward the Clintons
was stirred up by those who truly control the media.
The Right Wing arbiters of our behavior,
who play on our natural desire for virtue.

The controlled media is getting more and more blatant.
Pete says that this is one of the hallmarks of a Fascist State.

I know we are all busy these days, but most everyone was able to keep up with the "Oval Office Scandal". There has been incessant coverage and actions taken regarding Janet Jackson's poor judgment at the Super bowl halftime show.

But we ignore the issues that truly concern our safety and freedom.
Do we turn a blind eye to these things because we are stupid?
I don't think so.

But in our busyness, we let our self be distracted by sound bites.
We want the answers to be easy. Good verses evil.
We are good and They are evil.
We want to feel safe.
We let ourselves be misled because we don't want to think that our wonderful country could be responsible for the suffering of others.

We are good people.
But remember this:
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
-Edmund Burke-

And, ask yourself this:
What is the real reason for our troops going to war?
Who benefits from these wars?
Will they keep us safe? Can they?
Aren't our actions creating new terrorists every day?

Most of us will never have the opportunity to commit the kinds of sins our present leaders commit. Most of us will never have access to those who manipulate the world in such substantial ways. Including declaring war and committing untold troops to defend the oil interests of those in power.

They tell us that we are in this thing to protect us and the world from terrorism.
But I ask you when did Usama bin Laden start being pronounced Saddam Hussein.
Why are we friends with some despotic countries whom we know do have weapons of mass destruction? Why have we not stepped in to help people in countries who do not have great oil reserves?

We are all responsible.
We must all do our part to bring about peace and justice for all.
We must realize that there is no Us or Them.
We are one ... all in this thing together
We must work from love, not from hate.

Pay attention.
The next person paying the price for the greed of those in power might be your own son.

Posted by Judi at February 6, 2004 10:07 AM | TrackBack

I pretty much agree with everything; those Clinton-bashing hypocrites get on my nerves too. But there is something - I'm not sure what the word is - reassuring? comforting? about the fact that this rant was delayed by housecleaning. In spite of everything that is wrong with our government today, housework is still a priorty for us. There are many places in the world where that isn't true. We still got it pretty good here.

Posted by: Mister P. at February 6, 2004 4:51 PM

You are right absolutely Mister P!

I thank God for being born in the United States. Blessing on my grandparents for enduring so much to get here.

But remember, AMERICA is an idea. It is this idea that draws the multitudes. The opportunity for economic, social and spiritual freedom has been unusual and wonderful.

We must be vigilant, however, to keep this idea alive. We must pay attention before this idea becomes just another legend like that of Camelot.

Posted by: Mom at February 7, 2004 2:16 AM
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