February 1, 2004


A new language.

I know my son is honest, but I started to wonder...
Mike called a couple of days ago to explain to that ripping a CD is not the same as stealing it. Ripping someone off seemed like a new phrase just a few years ago.
It's hard to keep up!

The cleaning continues...and treasures are being discovered.

Pete is emptying the old shed which has been in the back yard since we took down the swing set. He wants to have more room for a vegetable garden. The shed's floor is now so moldy and rotten that everything inside has taken on an awful smell.

As we go though the boxes, I am finding lots of neat things.
There are papers from the kid's early grammar school days.
Neatly printed on one was one of Matt's first stories.
Here it is:

The rest of this story has been removed...


Today was Super Bowl Sunday. We went to M & Mís house for a get-together. It was fun. Not being a big football fan, I rarely even know who is playing. But I like the parties.

Only Pete and a couple of others actually seemed to be watching the game. Most of us were chatting. But everyone saw the episode with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. It caused a bit of a stir. Mike rushed into the livingroom to back up the TIVO so everyone could see what happened. Most people believed that it was scripted.

Some nice young men told me that they read my blog.
That was neat to hear.

I met and talked with some really neat and interesting people.
By the end of the evening conversation turned to spirituality.
Those of us talking agreed that every moment is a gift. Even the hard ones.

I just remembered that it was on Super Bowl Sunday, 1986, that I fell down our stairs and sustained injuries which pretty much changed my life.
But thatís another story....

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