December 10, 2003


This is what I really, really want for Christmas.
The list is kind of long.
I'm serious.

Put a note in a box telling me which one you chose.
You can wrap it up in shiny paper and pop on a bow.
I would be delighted. :-)

Here is the list in no special order:

A donation to any of the following: (I don't have to know the amount.)

1. Heifer International.
This organization helps people all around the world to become self reliant. You can help buy people animals that will bring income to families and villages. Give cows to honeybees. Or, buy a share by joining with others.

2 Unicef.

3. Care.

4. Doctors without Borders. These people are fearless!

5. Save the Children.

6. Second Harvest or the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. You can find a local food bank and just drop by some food.

7. Support our local public radio and television stations.
Or Choose from your favorite worthy cause.

Teach me how to do any one of the following things:

1. Post photos or pictures on my web site.

2. How to edit the buttons. I would like to finally get something in the Mom Who? and the Just Breathe sections.

3. How to add blogs to my links section for people I know.

4. Add some more buttons for other links and places I regularly visit.

5. How to change the name of a button.

Give me some simple written directions that even I could follow.

Any of these gifts would make this Mom VERY HAPPY.

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