December 8, 2003


Termites are merrily munching away at our house.
They are partying in floors, walls and ceiling.
They are eating their fill and leaving a mess.

I donít want to be inhospitable little guys
But I am telling you to Cease and desist.
Don't eat any more!

We are issuing an evacatuation order.
In January, weíre bringing in the Enforcers with big guns.


After digesting news of the damage, I somehow just started to feel lucky. When we stop to consider how very fortunate we are, I canít help but feel happy.

We have a house! Thank you God!



Yesterday, December 7th, was my Mom's Birthday. Happy Birthday Mom. I still remember.

...Had plans to bake a cake in memory to share with others who were also packing donations for Ghana. A small arthritic flare the day before got in the way. Better now.

Just wanted to let you know that December 7th was a day of wonderful beginnings too. :-)

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