October 29, 2003


She sits. One with the Universe.
Right hand reaching down, touching the Earth. Feeling the cool soil.
Connecting the essence of the two seemingly different entities.
Joining. Mingling. Combining. Sensing the truth.

Energy. Moving from the heart-mind, down the arm.
Through the fingers to the rich soil of the primal home.

Elemental life force surging up from the Mother Plain.
Though the hand, up the arm. To the heart and all the areas in between.

Filling the spaces drained empty and depleted by the phantasm.
Melding. Restoring the peace. The Calm.

Left hand curled up near heart. Palm open. Offering. Receiving.
Turned into gesture of giving. Holding. Sharing. Linking.
Merging with the Peace. The comfort.

The essence flows.

In truth, there was no emptiness. No loss.
No separation. No pain.
But in the illusion, in the fiction, it all seemed real.

It was a dream. A trick of the ego-mind.
The dreamer is awakening, and taking a deep breath.

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