July 4, 2003

Independence Day

This is what happened to me on the 4th of July.
Pete called very early from Ghana.

He told me take down the phone number so I could call him back.
Apparently he uses some kind of ‘card’ that gives him a minuscule amount of time to talk.

I had to get a pad and pencil, as I had been asleep when the telephone rang. I did. He repeated the number. I wrote it down and repeated back to him. Pete hung up. I dialed the number and was told by a very nice recording that there was no such number.

I jumped up to find the notes I had kept that contained the numbers of two other men, to compare them with the one on my pad. I discovered that Pete had not given me the 3 digit code that one must dial to get out of the country (011) or the country code for Ghana (233).

I dialed those six digits, and then dialed the nine digit phone number that Pete had given me.
Pete answered. He asked what had taken so long.
I him that he had forgotten to give me the first six digits of the phone number.
Pete said “I thought you would remember”.
After all these years, he still hadn’t learned! :-)

However, this is what I gleaned from the conversation.
Pete was calling from a pay phone at the Hotel in Aburi.
He is fine.
He is in charge of the group transportation.
They were soon leaving to go to a hospital or school to deliver some of the supplies our group had gathered.
He gave me the names of people who had just come into the lobby.
A line was forming behind him to use the phone. He had to get off the phone.
He did ask if I was having allergy trouble because I sounded congested.
I told him “No, I just sound funny because of the gum surgery”.
I am sure he had forgotten about it. Or maybe I didn't mention it, because when he had called before, I wanted to know what he was doing.
I still don’t know, but I imagine that it is wonderful.
I forgot to say that I loved him.

OK. It was time to get up. It was about 7:00AM.
I went outside to get the newspaper. A little Flag had been put on our lawn by some nice realtor. I always like that, even though Pete thinks it’s a desecration of our flag to use it for advertising.
Since it was the Fourth of July, I wanted to put the big flag up. I tried, but couldn’t reach the flag holder even when I stood on a sturdy chair. I walked out to the end of the driveway, looked up and down the street, to see if I could spy a neighbor who I might ask to help. Everything was still, no one was stirring. It is a holiday after all!

I went inside, had some coffee and read a bit of the news. After not doing much except to play on the computer for the next few hours, I dressed and went next store to see if someone there could put up our Flag. Our neighbor, Dick, came over, got out our big ladder and hung the Flag. Beautiful! He then took the ladder to his house so they all could climb up to their roof tonight to view the fireworks that will be set off tonight at Wilson Park. He reminded me that every year they borrow our ladder. We are rarely here because we actually go to Wilson Park or to South Pasadena, or somewhere else to mingle with crowds. I love to be with lots of people on Independence Day to feel the oneness of our population.

Here in LA, we are a mixture of people from all over the globe. Among us are people of every color and background. It is glorious! We are One. All celebrating together!

Later I went to Trader Joes and Whole Foods Markets. There was lots of tasting going on. Everyone was wearing red, white or blue. So was I. Everyone was happy and strangers were saying "hello" to one another.

All week I have been eating only liquified or minced meals . I am craving salads and red meat.

Tonight I am not sure that I will see the fireworks. I will be meditating with some of our group that did not go to Ghana. It is the usual night to gather. But if we are not outside, we will hear them, and celebrate in our hearts. I will meditate on PEACE.

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