May 18, 2003


I'm a Mom.

When I grew up, the main goal of most young women I knew was to become a wife and a mother. To have homes and families like the women we saw in the movies and television. Few people actually lived that kind of life, but we didn't know that. It was what we aspired to. We thought that was what other families were like, and what we thought was normal. My family wasn't like that. My mother worked. Finances were a struggle. There were tensions and difficulties. Things didn't always work out at the end of a day, or the end of a week. But my parents worked hard, did their best, provided for our needs and saw that my brother and I were given a good education.

Few occupations were considered appropriate for women, and those who aspired to do other things were actively discouraged. Of course there were those brave few who would not be dissuaded. Women who were the exceptions. But it was not easy, and most had to give up much to follow their dreams.

Luckily for me, my greatest dream was to have that idealized kind of life. I didn't want to work outside of the home. I wanted to marry a man who I could love, be a homemaker and raise perfect, wonderful children. I got my dream. I married a good man. I had the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom of two perfect sons who have grown into men I admire.

When things changed for women, I was thrilled, but my dream didn't change. So when if asked to describe who I am. My first thought is that I am a wife and a mother!

Of course I am more than that. I am a spiritual being who is living this lifetime in that role. This has been my dharma.

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