May 20, 2003

It's alright to talk about...

Last night Mike called on the way home from work. He does that a lot. He is a good son. I excitedly asked him some questions about how to do things on this blog. He said he would call me after the girls are asleep to help. Blogging is so much fun.

I was thinking about a remark Matt made this this weekend about this online journal being something of a personal history that is being put out there for the future. I like that! I think it is a good idea to pass down family stories and glimpses of who we are to those who go on.

As Mike and I were talking, he said: "It sounds like you are planning your funeral, Mom." I admitted that I am always planning my funeral. I know just what I want.

It's hard for kids to talk with their parents about their passing. But we should. In the end it is easier.

We actually discussed the topic about this inescapable happening. Interestingly, Mike and I share some of the same crazy thoughts about what we think would be neat, ...some of which are not legal in the State of California. I don't think it's morbid to discuss these things. I think it is sensible and somewhat comforting to know each other's feelings long before we have to face the inevitable.

When I mentioned a song I wanted played, Mike warned "That is a powerful song, Mom. It could release strong emotions." So what? People feel strong emotions at funerals and they cry. That's OK! That's what funerals are for. You know ... the "rite of passage' and all that stuff. That is how we move on. There is no reason why this rite can't be one of celebration, which includes laughter and tears too. In fact, I don't see how one can see a loved one pass on, and not feel some grief. It's part of what makes us human.

Remember, I want to hear Louie Armstrong singing "What a wonderful World". You can sing along.

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