May 24, 2003

Some Mental Meanderings...

...Haven't mentioned much about the rest of the family in this spot. Surprising in a way because there are two little girls who inhabit my thoughts almost constantly. Our small granddaughters, Zoe and Mira are constant sources amazement and joy. I wanted to wait to talk about them until I learned how to post pictures. Meanwhile you will find some pictures here

Having this blog has been so exciting., has spurred my interest in learning how to do more things on the computer. Its just what I needed to make that mental shift from my old MAC to this PC. I am forced to learn simple procedures that move me out of my old comfort zone. Thanks guys! I can feel the synapses firing, and new cell growth going on within this old brain.

A special thanks to my lovely, multi-talented daughter-in-law, Michele. Without her in my life, I doubt that I would ever have gotten my very own computer. I will never forget the day that she stood in front of me, with her own arms akimbo, and said: "Judi, you need to get your own computer." She then firmly ushered me into her car and we drove to Computer City. She proceeded to demonstrate that Macintosh made a computer that actually had a simple tutorial that would teach basic use, starting with the function of the mouse. Her determination filled me with confidence and soon Pete had no choice but to give in. The estrogen level of our family had dramatically changed!

That brings to mind that old adage: No kind deed goes unpunished! Sorry Michele ... for taking up so much of Mike's time with all my questions. You're a peach!

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