May 25, 2003


I didn't brush my hair today.
I didn't make the bed.
I didn't cook or clean today.
What did I do? I blogged!

I didn't pay the bills today.
Or go through any piles.
I didn't get my archives up.
I really don't know how.

I didn't wash the clothes today
I did no catching up.
I didn't watch TV today.
What did I do? I blogged!

I didn't visit friends today.
Nor go to the store.
My list of things to do today
Is longer than before.

I hoped to get some help today.
I know you have things to do.
The wait's been very long today.
Blogging genie, where are you?

The phone finally rang today.
The voice I had been craving.
I know I am obsessive
But Matt, my sanity you're saving.

So now I cease my typing.
The world is again a-right.
I wish you all a good tomorrow.
With that, I say good night.

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