May 28, 2003

Leave our trees alone!

The city is trimming our trees again. Since our city can't afford to do this on a more frequent basis, the trimming is usually pretty brutal. My heart always sinks to the bottom of my stomach when this happens. Our beautiful big trees are denuded for a long time afterward. Pete always tells me that this is necessary for the health of the trees, and that they have to be kept under control in order to save the streets, sidewalks and sewer systems. But I would prefer that the city fix broken cement, asphalt and sewers, than cut down trees.

I will not blog ... I will not blog.... Well. maybe just a word or two.
I wasn't going to blog today until I had taken care of writing my bio and buying the ticket for my high school reunion which is coming up in June. Pete will be in Ghana on the date the reunion is scheduled, so I am also trying to contact some classmates who are willing to let me ride along. I have gotten one offer by e-mail. I am looking forward to talking with this generous soul. Maybe this will be the start of a great new friendship.

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